Hidden Trax vol. 1

by Hidden Trax

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released December 9, 2011

songs by m. koene except "The Be Human" by The Be Human (C. Fitzgerald, M. Koene, S. Pavlovsky)



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Hidden Trax New York, New York

This is an ongoing song/sound project

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Track Name: Helicopter Sound
Red or blue is a turtle or a bird to me
singing the same old song
a patch of sky that broke into
everything all at once
her hair is an egg is a death to me
i wish that I was wrong
black or white as the eye can see
disappear in infinity

when my heart stops beating
and i never stop repeating the song

Does it matter if the world is just for you and me?
A windy wood or burned out sun
a million little things all in one
a river is a song is a girl to me
im never gonna be alone
right or wrong as the eye can see
disappear in infinity
Track Name: A.W.NYC
I saw something weird today
not really sure what to say but
there's one way i know of
sleep on it
gonna sleep on it

is it a tragedy
i'd rather him than me

sleep on it

I saw a giant hand
it swept across the land

sleep on it

i saw a mushroom cloud
i saw my teeth fall out

sleep on it
Track Name: The Be Human
trance from a god to use
a will that fell in time
a mirror to your shattered eyes
a place that digs a shallow grave
a crosshatch of flaming night

shielded through the burning sky to the morning

the shadows wind their wispy sighs to the morning
the streetlights bend their errant smiles to the morning
sunlight shades it's golden eyes to the morning
Track Name: Left A Mark
baby dont go, baby dont, baby please dont go
cuz in a minute you could know what a moment has the power to show
in an itty bitty minute all the tears fallin down on the snow
Track Name: End of Summer
cross the ocean, across the sand
premonitions running through my hands
since the last time i was here it's been about a million mornings
somehow, some will stay

on a rollercoaster made of stars
how a rollercoaster goes so fast is more than i can know
when it's rumbling over my head

come tomorrow when the summer ends
all the driftwood treasures turn to coal
and the ones you never found, i guess they could be drifting
Track Name: United Gates
i was dreaming in a rocking chair when the scythe came and took my life
thought youd never see me ever again when the scythe came and took my life
saw a vision as i closed my eyes
saw a firebird in the sky
i fell burning from the sky before